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These articles were selected to demonstate the breadth of topics that are addressed under the general theme of travel.  

Alcohol may be manís worst enemy, but God says love your enemy. ~Frank Sinatra

And letís just say I really loved my enemy a couple of weeks ago when I expanded my search for a perfect martini into Upstate New York. My friend who is also a martini aficionado promised me many if I tagged along to keep him company on a business trip to Rochester. So, off we went; and thatís the beauty of retirement.

We stayed two nights at the lovely Woodcliff Spa and Resort in Fairport, mainly because it was centrally located for his business. At Richardsonís Landing, the location of our first nightís dinner, we had very good martinis. As we sat outside and enjoyed our meal, the bikers and walkers alongside the Canal created a beautiful relaxing ambiance. And, despite the 2 martinis, it was a memorable evening.More


You must judge a manís greatness by how much he will be missed.    ~Will Rodgers


This month, I had the honor of memorializing two very great people. They are missed beyond measure by many.

You might know Margie Langell. She was a 1960 Avonworth HS graduate. She spent her whole life in the area until she was tragically killed, as a passenger, in a head-on collision on the McKees Rocks Bridge.….More


There are no more glaciers in Glacier National Park.   ~Donella Meadows


No matter what you believe the cause to be, scientists agree that glaciers are melting rapidly. Estimates vary, but we lose about 17,000 square miles of glaciers each year because the Arctic temperature is rising twice as fast as the rest of the world. As these beautiful ice caps melt, new land formations are exposed, and unknown parts of the Arctic Ocean become newly accessible. This new territory wields vast power since it is believed to hold one quarter of the worldís undiscovered oil and gas reserves. The 8 territorial countries are the U.S., Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Russia. .....More


Aunt and Niece: Brought together by blood; kept together by love.    ~Prairie Princess

Of all the roles I play in life, being an aunt is one of my favorites. I never wanted kids of my own, but Iím sure glad my brother had his. Thanks to him and my sister-in-law, two bundles of joy entered my life 20+ years ago. Now, my oldest niece is 27 with a PhD in pharmacology. My youngest niece who is 22 will graduate soon with an Occupational Therapy Masters degree. They are both great kids.….More


The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.~Robert Burns


This quote is indelibly marked in my brain after a harrowing Columbus Day hike in the remote wilderness of WV. At a point of no return, a huge snow storm blew in making conditions treacherous and lending doubt as to whether we would make it out. 1 inch of snow fell in 30 minutes and we still had 2 hours to hike to the car.


The day started normally as my brother, Dr. Dave, and I set out to enjoy the peak Fall foliage in Roaring Plains, a US Wilderness Area in the Allegheny Mountains and Monongahela National Forest. We knew rain was forecast; but we werenít going to let it ruin our day. We hadnít anticipated snow, however, nor the dramatic turn of events.….More


A Best Friend is Someone Who Gives You a Book You Have Never Read    ~ Abraham Lincoln


Recently, a best friend suggested that I read the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. When she mentioned it, I wasnít convinced that I wanted to make the commitment. It was 600+ pages, almost 2Ē thick, and it would take the better part of a week to finish.


Steve Jobsí story is the story of Apple, the most valuable company in the world. I didnít know much about him but I do know that the iPhone is unquestionably le crème de la crème of phones. Nothing compares to its legendary innovation and design. Even Microsoftís Bill Gates publicly recognized Jobsí genius after Jobs introduced the revolutionary iPhone. ….More


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