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(continued Upstate NY martinis)


The next day, while my friend tended to business, I explored.  Preferring a brisk walk to a spa treatment, I walked up and down every hill in every direction around the Woodcliff.  There were a few nice homes on the golf course and a Jehovah Witness Kingdom-Hall Winery at the bottom of the hill which I found to be interesting but uninviting. 


The next day, my friend got detained at work and by the time he got back, there was no time to rent bikes on the Canal or tour the Kodak house or take the narrated 3-hour 15-mile Colonial Belle boat ride down the Canal through several sets of locks.  We did have time for a nice leisurely outdoor lunch on the Canal in Fairport.  Afterwards we walked around the little village, and along both sides of the Canal, and across the two draw bridges.  Historic Fairport, also known as The Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal is quaint with the Erie Canal running through its center. 


On our drive back to the hotel, we couldn’t resist stopping to see a magnificent Victorian home.  The house turned out to be the Green Lantern Inn.  As we were reading the historic markers, the bartender came out and invited us inside.  Ever focused on our goal of finding that perfect martini, we couldn’t refuse.


After making friends with Mitch, the bartender, he gave us a private tour.  Now, the beautifully restored mansion is used solely for events.  The owners live on the top floor and there is a bar and restaurant in the basement.   At $2.75 each for top shelf liquor, the Green Lantern Inn wins, hands down, for least expensive martini. 


I forgot to mention that the Woodcliff also served a good one, and on our way to NY, we stopped for lunch at Eddie’s Footlong Hot Dogs in Meadville.  It’s too bad Eddie doesn’t serve martinis or we would have had one there.  Just kidding!  Apparently, Eddie and his family have been slinging hot dogs at this roadside stand since 1947 and they have mastered the art of hot-dogging.  Mine had the works and it was very good.    


Our trip was fun, and we drank some pretty tasty martinis along the way.  We like them dry, made with Beefeaters Gin, on the rocks, with an olive or onion, no twist.  Unlike James Bond, we have no preference for shaken or stirred.  As for the perfect one, the search continues. 


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