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(Continued Books, Steve Jobs)

I was already holding the library book when Hurricane Isaac decided to visit Cocoa Beach.  Its wind and rain made it impossible to do anything but read or stare at the TV for 4 days.  So, I started reading and I was instantly captivated.  Steve Jobs is quite a character and the book is well written.          


Jobs is renowned for taking handicapped parking spaces and smelling badly.  He believed his vegan diet prevented body odor and his hygiene was poor.  He had no furniture in the mansion where he lived.  A counterculture Buddhist, he showed up routinely at executive meetings in blue jeans and bare feet.  He dated Joan Baez.  LSD was his drug of choice.  He saw the world as black or white, good or bad.  There was nothing in the middle.  On the other hand, he was a design genius who thanked his dad for teaching him that even the parts you donít see should be perfect.   His product standard was perfection, inside and out.   


I feel fortunate to have an iPhone.  It is the only portable phone that I have ever had.  Long after they were vogue, I resisted buying one.  Then sadly, they became a necessary part of life.  When I finally succumbed, I wanted the best one.  An intuitive smart phone like the iPhone seemed like the right choice.  Today, it is indispensible.  It is a part of who I am even though it is relatively worthless as a telephone.  Thatís okay since I rarely use it to talk.  What I love is the Internet access and the ability to get my emails all day long from anywhere.  By trade, I am a reference librarian and a fact checker.  I go on the Internet hundreds of times of day. 


The iPhone has some stiff competition these days, but with Jobsí fingerprints all over the iPhone 5, there is a good chance that Apple will continue to reign supreme.    


And since we are talking about reigning and books, I have to recommend another excellent read:  Catherine the Great:  Portrait of a Woman.  This is a fascinating biography, written beautifully by the Pulitzer Prize author and Russian scholar Robert K. Massie.  I didnít want it to end. 


As Empress, Catherine ruled Russia in the 1700s.  She was a prolific writer and we hear her words throughout the book.  During her reign, Russia had a strong armada, and it was interesting to learn that the British went to her to request naval backup against the United States during our Revolutionary War.  Catherine refused because she was already in a border skirmish with Turkey.  With 600 pages, this book is also a time commitment, but well worth it.


And so I must say, ď Thank goodness for best friends.Ē   


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